This is a list (you might say dumping ground) of links to hikes we have done in the years indicated. The two of us (Travelmarx) started hiking well before 2008, mostly in Washington State, but we weren't blogging back then. We are currently based in between Seattle and Bergamo, Italy. For walks specific to Bergamo and the province, see Walking Around Bergamo.

This list has two purposes. First, we hope it helps others who may stumble across this site looking for information or inspiration. We have used the internet to do the same and this is a humble attempt at returning the favor, let's say our contribution. Second, this list helps us remember what we did. You would be surprised how many times we return here to find a fact about a hike.

Hiking is about freedom, exploration, and thinking. We think better when we walk. Got a problem to mull over? Head to the hills.

Hiking is not about highs, lows, or distances, but about exploring. What makes up a good hike? There are many factors that might make a hike interesting, most out of your control and that even the best planning can't account for. We can say, however, to ensure a good hike, you definitely can and should go with an open-mind.

A little story...
In the late 1990s, I went back to the town where I grew up, in the green rolling hills of Connecticut's northwest corner. I drove my rental car by the different locations that where important to me as a kid. I went by the house I grew up in and my high school.
During that trip down memory lane, I was struck by how close everything was. When I was young, the distances seemed so much greater. Though it was barely 2 miles between house and school, I remember as a kid that it seemed so much greater. I would stress out when I needed a ride to or from school and nobody could do it. As such, I didn't join after-school activities because I was afraid of not being able to get home. 
The question that popped into my mind then was: as a kid, why didn't I just walk? Because the idea of walking never entered my head and it wasn't a concept I grew up with. My family rarely walked places, so I didn't have much experience to draw upon. What a shame. I think in large part, my desire now to walk, hike, and in general get out and see the world was born from that observation and regret. Distance should not be a barrier to doing something or going somewhere.
Happy exploring!

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