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This collection of walks and hikes (we use the term interchangeably) is for readers looking for a light to medium hike starting in or around Bergamo. If you are in Bergamo just for a day or two and you want to take an interesting walk, try the The Scalette of Bergamo or the Colli di Bergamo Hike. Both start and end in Bergamo and are easy to do. For a light hike that takes you to a nearby peak, try the Bergamo to Canto Alto Hike. Jump to the list below or read on for more background about these hikes.

Almost all of the walks and hikes here start or stop from an inhabited area. It could be Bergamo itself, or a town nearby. These are not middle-of-nowhere excursions. In fact, many of our walks take in a mix of town and country in the Parco dei Colli di Bergamo. And here, country should be thought of as copses (small woods) in various states of abandonment. In these copses, you find many traces of past and present habitation such as old farmhouses, terraced hillsides, grottoes, and small churches. Many of these walks take you through one or more roccoli, which are an interesting and unique feature of this part of Lombardy. Roccoli are part garden, part sculpture, and were used in the past to capture migratory birds to eat. For more on roccoli, see the Albino to Bergamo walk post.

For hikes that don't have a start or end point in Bergamo, here are some options for transportation:
  • Local buses can get you around Bergamo and the ATB Tram runs from Bergamo to Albino, up Val Seriana.
  • To go beyond the periphery of Bergamo (city), see http://www.bergamotrasporti.it/
    • Note: While you can start with bergamotrasporti.it and play around a bit to see what works, it’s often easier to go directly to the individual bus schedule that serves the town you are interested in. For example, on bergamotrasporti.it, go to stampa orari linee (“print out schedules”), enter the town you are going to or coming from and get the full schedule. It will be more useful in the long run to understand the start and end of different bus lines.
  • Trenord can also be used to get to nearby towns.
  • Rent a car. There are a few car rental agencies in Bergamo, but pickings are slim. We usually rent from Maggiore/Avis, and their closest office for us is Orio al Serio Airport. It's easy to get to the airport (15 min bus) and you have many rental choices there.

The list of hikes below are ones we've done and is by no means an exhaustive list. See the CAI Bergamo site for more comprehensive hike information. The CAI Bergamo geoportal map is a good way to get an overview of the trail system. Be aware that there are many local footpaths that may not be marked on that CAI maps. Maps from Google or Bing sometimes show major trails, but miss a lot of trails and footpaths. We've had good luck with the Maps.Me application. It is easy to use offline and uses OpenStreetMap data. The OpenStreetMap site is useful for planing because it shows a surprising number of trails of all types.

The order of the hikes below is from most recently completed to oldest.

Maresana to Selvino
Start: Maresana (Trattoria parking lot)
End: Selvino
Length: 14 km
Transport: Bus/tram

Bergamo to Monte di Nese
Start: Piazzetta Delfino, Bergamo
End: Monte di Nese
Length: 14 km
Transport: Bus/tram back to Bergamo

Piazza Vecchia to Trattoria all'Alpino
Start/End: Piazza Vecchia
Lunch: Trattoria all'Alpino
Length: 6 km

Bruntino to Sorisole
Start: Bruntino or Villa D'Almé
End: Sorisole
Length: 12 km
Transport: #9 bus from Bergamo

Capanna 2000
Start: Cattedrale Vegetale (Oltre Il Colle)
End: Cattedrale Vegetale
Length: 8 km
Transport: Car

Hike up Monte Torcola
Start: Piazza Brembana
End: Piazzatorre
Length: 12 km
Transport: Bus from Bergamo

Hike from San Pellegrino to Zogno
Start: San Pellegrino
End: Zogno
Length: 18 km
Transport: Bus from Bergamo

Walk from Bergamo to Maresana for Lunch
Start: Bergamo
End: Bergamo
Length: 12 km
Lunch: Trattoria La Maresana (Ponteranica)

Orio al Serio Airport to Bergamo
Start/End: Bergamo or Airport
Length: 4 km
Note: Included here but not recommended.

A Walk from Bergamo to Ponteranica
Start: Bergamo
End: Bergamo
Length: 4 km
Lunch: Trattoria del Moro (Ponteranica)

The Scalette of Bergamo – Take 2
Start: Bergamo
End: Bergamo
Length: 15,4 km
Lunch: Ristorante Pizzeria San Vigilio (Bergamo)

San Pellegrino Terme (Ruspino) and Bracca
Start: Ruspino, San Pellegrino
End: Ruspono, San Pellegrino
Length: 15,4 km
Lunch: Trattoria Dentella (Bracca)
Transport: Bus from Bergamo

Hike from Lovere to Rifugio Magnolini
Start: Lovere
End: Lovere
Length: 21 km
Lunch: Rifugio L. Magnolini (Costa Volpino)
Transport: Bus from Bergamo

A Walk from Albino to Bergamo via Monte Misma
Start: Albino
End: Bergamo
Length: 25,6 km
Transport: Tram to Albino

Hike: Carona to Rifugio Laghi Gemelli
Start: Carona
End: Carona
Length: 12,4 km
Lunch: Rifugio Laghi Gemelli (Branzi)
Transport: Ride from friends

Baite di Mezzeno to Rifugio Laghi Gemelli
Start: Baite di Mezzeno
End: Baite di Mezzeno
Length: 11,3 km
Lunch: Rifugio Laghi Gemelli (Branzi) Transport: Ride from friends

Lago Iseo, Predore Hike
Start: Predore
End: Tavernola Bergamasca
Length: 8 km
Lunch: Trattoria Il Porticciolo (Tavernola Bergamasca)
Transport: Bus to/from Bergamo

Hiking Below Pizzo della Presolana
Start: Passo della Presolana
End: Passo della Presolana
Length: 8,4 km
Lunch: Rifugio Cassinelli (Castione della Presolana) Transport: Ride from friends

Nembro to Bergamo Hike
Start: Nembro
End: Bergamo
Length: 19,5 km
Transport: Tram to Nembro

A Walk to Monastero di Astino
Start: Bergamo
End: Bergamo
Length: 18 km
Refreshments: Bar Belevedere (Bergamo)

A Short Hike in Clusone
Start: Clusone
End: Clusone
Lunch: Rifugio San Lucio (Clusone)
Transport: Bus/tram to/from Clusone.

Almenno San Salvatore to Monte Linzone Hike
Start: Almenno San Salvatore
End: Almenno San Salvatore
Length: 18 km
Lunch: Ristorante Belvedere (Roncola)
Transport: Bus to/from Almenno San Salvatore.

The Scalette of Bergamo
Start: Bergamo
End: Bergamo
Lunch: Trattoria La Colombina (Bergamo)

From Bergamo to Monte Poieto
Start: Selvino
End: Monte Poieto
Length: 5,5 km
Lunch: Rifugio Monte Poieto (Aviatico)
Transport: Tram to/from Albino, funivia to/from Selvino.

Colli di Bergamo Hike
Start: Bergamo
End: Bergamo
Length: 23 km

Bergamo to Canto Alto Hike
Start: Bergamo
End: Bergamo
Length: 23 km
Lunch: Antichi Sapori (Sorisole)

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