Code for Travelmarx is kept on GitHub:

September 2022: Visualizing a Spotify Playlist - Simple Python Flask Web App Container Running Locally or in Azure

January 2022: A Natural Language Query Parser for an Information Management System Called Scrapbook

February 2020: From Sphinx to DocFX - Generating Python API Documentation with DocFx

February 2020: Sphinx Quickstart

February 2019: Digital Scrapbook: A Curious Cross Between a Cabinet of Curiosities and a Vademecum

February 2018: Mapping and Comparing the Murder Rates of Italy and the USA Using R

February 2018: Using R to View the 2016 Italian Referendum Results

December 2017: A Personal Information Management System: Introducing Scrapbook

April 2014: Building Hello World with Maven

March 2013: Working with Amazon S3 Using the Boto Library

January 2013: Note On Using the Enphase Power Today Method

January 2013: Working with Your Solar Array Data Using the Enphase API

November 2012: DIY Publishing with DocBook, Saxon, and Apache FO

September 2012: Working with s3curl and Amazon S3

June 2012: Copying Files in Order Using the MS-DOS FOR Command

February 2012: Java Program to Extract What’s in a Sonos Queue

October 2011: Java, Apache Ant and Hello World

September 2011: Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in a Virtual Machine

May 2011: WPF Application to Save and Import Sonos Playlists

March 2011: Windows 7 and IE9 Pinned Sites

March 2011: C++ Console Application to Get Comments from a Microsoft Word File

February 2011: Getting Comments From a Word Document Using the OPC Format

February 2011: Do It Yourself DIY Sonos Control for iPad/iPhone

January 2011: Extracting Sonos Playlists

September 2010: Messenger Connect: Initializing Controls

September 2010: Messenger Connect: Getting Contacts

August 2010: Messenger Connect: JavaScript API

July 2010: Messenger Connect: Windows Live REST Explorer

June 2010: A Simple Sonos JavaScript Application

June 2010: Exploring Sonos Via uPnP

June 2010: A Simple Facebook Integration

June 2010: Facebook - Graph API

October 2010: PowerShell gci

September 2010: LINQ for Querying an Atom Feed

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