Saturday, November 17, 2007

Touring with Wikipedia

We went to the San Lorenzo market today on our way back from visiting two Medici Villas just outside of the city center. We thought about eating in the market but everything was closing down, so we got some groceries and headed for the exit. As we got outside the market (in the outside market) we saw a tripe cart and decided to try it. I had “panino bollito” and Mark had “panino trippa alla fiorentina”. Mine with boiled meat with a green sauce was excellent. The trippa with a red sauce was good too, but we both liked the bollito better. The thing that struck me (as it has on several other times so far on the trip) is how far Wikipedia has come, because now people just print out a relevant Wikipedia page and stick it up as information. Taped to the front of the cart was the Italian Wikipedia page for trippa.

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