Thursday, November 15, 2007

Everyone is Moving Around

Our current morning conversation class has 3 of us from the U.S. (us plus a slightly older guy from Florida), a young woman from Brazil, a middle-aged woman from Poland, a young a 20ish Japanese boy, and 30ish Japanese women. The lady from Poland was telling us how there are over 2 million Polish people in London (for better work options). Also, there are Polish doctors who fly over to England for the weekend to work odd shifts and pull in extra money. Our Italian teacher told us that in Italy, young kids (especially from the South) prefer to head to Germany to make a lot of money. Meanwhile, the influx of Romanians is on every Italian’s mind – and in the papers, it seems. A student from Madrid said there were very large numbers of Chinese in that city. The Japanese students say that there are a lot of Iranians who live in Japan. Confused yet?

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  1. um, hello? Aren't you from a country who's considered a "melting pot?" doy! but, seriously, wild. very confusing. but chaos is good for society...oh, i'll keep my trap shut now.


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