Monday, November 26, 2007

Diabolik, chi sei?

“Diabolik, who are you?”

Plot: Diabolik and his nemesis, inspector Gingko end up captured at the same time and thrown into a cell together. Both think they are going to die. Inspector Gingko (IG) asks the masked Diabolik (D), "who are you?"

D: Non avrei mai immaginato che il destino ci riservasse di morire insieme.
[I never would have imagined that destiny would find us dying together.]

IG: Non m’importa di morire, perché so che uccideranno anche te!
[Dying is not important as long as I know that they kill you too!]

D: Ero certo che avresti parlato così. Sei sempre stato a sacrificare la vita pur di distruggermi.
[I was sure you would talk like that. You have always been ready to sacrifice life to destroy me.

IG: Sì, ho lottato contro di te con tutte le mie forze. Devo ammettere che certe volte ho persino creduto di combattere un criminale fantasma.
[Yes, I have battled against you with all my might. I must admit that sometimes I even believed that I was battling a ghost.]

IG: Noi stiamo per morire e, questo è il momento della verità: Diabolik, chi sei?
[We are going to die and the question in this moment of truth is: Diabolik, who are you?]

And, there you have it, my translation of this riveting dialog. Seriously, it is useful because you know exactly what each character is going to say so the context is there and that helps you figure out the articulations in Italian.

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