Thursday, November 22, 2007

Galleria Palatina and Galleria D’Arte Moderna

 After lunch today we went to the Pitti Palace and visited the Galleria Palatina and the Galleria D’Arte Moderna – all in the same palace. One stop museum shopping.

The Galleria Palatina is fun because of the scale and “themes” of the rooms. The paintings are generally from the Renaissance, but the the rooms are in no particular sequence. And, in general, much of the Galleria Palatina was “remodeled” in the early 1800s with some of the ceiling paintings and room themes celebrating the Hapsburg-Lorraines’ return to Florence.

After the Palatina, we went up several flights of stairs to the Galleria D’Arte Moderna (on the second floor). This gallery has over 30 rooms dedicated to the late 19th century and 20th centuries. Each room changes color as you walk down this long hallway that passes through each room. Occasionally, there is a great glimpse out onto the Boboli gardens.

In general, a good site for seeing the paintings room by room if you want is the site. Navigate to the gallery of interest and click on the room.

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