Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We had made a reservation for a special dinner tonight at Bar Ricchi, a restaurant that we have lunch at (in the bar part) quite a bit but never tried it for dinner. On this particular night they were having a special dinner based on the dish called “cacciuccuo” – a typical fish soup of Livorno. Since Bar Ricchi is touted for its fish dishes we thought it would be good. It was 35 Euro per person and was worth every penny.

We had wine, water, and coffee of course, part of the price. We started with an appetizer which was a spuma di patate with a large squid tentacle in it. Then the soup came with all sorts of fish and a side of bruschetta and mussels and clams. That was followed by a huge basket of mixed, fried fish and very thin french fries (sort of). We ended with a nice piece of cheesecake. Sorry, all you get is bad cell phone pictures which show the mixed fried fish.

It was nice because we were the only foreigners. Everyone was a local from the neighborhood. We recognized some of the people.

We scratch our head every time we see the English translation of Livorno as Leghorn – I think of the character from Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn. Maybe he was from Livorno.

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  1. From wikipedia: "There is a breed of chicken called leghorn, named after the city. This in turn gave its name to the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn."


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