Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back to Mina

I realized that learning through music is good way for me to meld the sound of Italian words with what I see written and practice the sounds. The songs from Mina that I studied while still at home continue to help me. (Many of the teachers think it a little strange that I can recite the lyrics.) Anyway, I commenced parsing the lyrics of two new songs: “Non Gioco Più” and “Zum Zum Zum”. The first song is “I don’t play anymore.” The second song I think is a cover of a Brazilian song(?) about how you get a tune in your head and you can’t get it out. The songs have words and grammatical constructions that are very relevant to what we are studying. Here’s my rough translation of the beginning of the first song:

“Non gioco più , me ne vado. Non gioco più, davvero!
La vita e' un letto sfatto. Io prendo quel che trovo e lascio quel che prendo dietro di me”

I don’t play anymore, I must get out of here. I don’t play anymore, really!
Life is an unmade bed. I take what I find and leave what I take behind me.


  1. dude. what's up with her TEETH? Can you say Naaaaayyyyy?

  2. how come i'm the only fan of travelmarx? gawd. i bet you sent flat stanley to yourselves!

  3. flat stanley is now going to make a visit to los gatos for that sass - maybe the mystery house?

    did you see the video of Mina singing non gioco piu and smoking at the same time?

  4. totally. on both questions.

  5. Well, this post really intrigued me. I had to check if the second song was really Brazilian because I've never heard it before. ;-)
    Well, it has the same name of a Brazilian capoeira song (capoeira is kind of a Brazilian martial arts) but I believe it's not the same.
    Some nice links: (explanation about the Brazilian song) (you can hear the Brazilian song)
    See you Marc!

  6. Thanks Maira, will look at those links!


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