Saturday, November 24, 2007

Diabolik - Agguato in Alto Mare

“Ambush at high seas.” We were in the train station and we picked this up to read on the train to Orvieto.

Plot: Eva Kant (villianess) is on board a cruise ship to pull off a heist. She needs to change her look as to not be recognized, so she shoots a tranquillizer dart into another passenger (Debora on the back cover) that she doesn’t like and takes her wig with the following catty remarks:

Sapevo che la prima volta che l’ho vista indossava una parruca nera a riccioli.
[I knew the first time that I saw her she was wearing a black wig with curls.]

Una donna bionda con un abito lungo beige.
[A blonde woman with a very beige wardrobe.]

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