Thursday, November 22, 2007

Italian Brain Teaser (Rompicapo)

Today in conversation class we played a game where we were given a “situation” which we explained to the rest of the class (there was only 5 in the class today) and they had to guess what the “solution” was. Basically a brain teaser, called a rompicapo in Italian. The purpose was for people to ask questions that could lead them to the correct solution.

Situazione: “Una persona abita al 15° piano di un grattacielo. In genere per salire prende l’ascensore fino al 10° piano e gli ultimi 5 piani li fa a piedi. Per scendere, invece, prende l’ascensore fino al pianoterreno.”

Soluzione: “La persona è un bambino che ancora non arriva a premere il bottone del 15° piano.”

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