Saturday, November 10, 2007

Forte Belvedere is Open!

Mark was in class cooking out his little heart so I decided to head to Boboli gardens to sit in the sun and read. On the way there I was stopped by some Spanish tourists asking where the Forte Belvedere was. I told them it was up (the very steep) Costa San Giorgio but that it was closed. They decided it wasn’t worth it and walked away. Then as I reached the top to enter the Boboli from the entrance near the Forte I noticed the Forte was open. Darn, I felt bad for giving bad information, but the Forte was closed for such a long time. We think it is the best spot to get a 360 panorama of Florence. And, best of all, it isn’t crowded.

After talking with a guard (there are now monitors there, volunteers perhaps?) I found out that the site was closed because an American fell off the wall of the forte (+25 ft plunge) and died plus there were money issues. Apparently money was found or there was enough of an outcry and it is open once again. There are now ample signs warning about getting up on the walls. Tuesday – Sunday, 11am to 4pm.

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