Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Hands Say It All

We studied hand signals (gesti) in one of our conversation classes. The ones we studied were a bit more polite than the ones in this video which more like what you will see. We definitely have seen these gestures around Florence and have had a few thrown our way. Some of the ones in the video include:

Me ne frego! [I don’t give a damn!]
Che furbo! [What a smart aleck!]
Sono d’accordo. [They are in agreement.]
Che palle! [How boring!]
Che cazzo vuoi? [What the ***k do you want?]

Another set of silly learning videos (at least I think they are not serious…) are by host “Marcello Mastrantonioni” and include Learn Italian in 10 Minutes, How to Make Love, and others.

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