Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ve la do io la musica!

This was the cover of a TV guide for RAI (I think). This phrase translates to “I give it to you, the music” or better yet, “I give the music to you”. It demonstrates several things. First, the rhythm of the phrase with the series of two letter words. Second, the placement of “io” or “I”. You could write “Io ve la do la musica” or simply “Ve la do la musica” but they don’t have the same impact. Third the double pronouns “ve la”. “Ve” is you plural indirect object and starts as “vi” but when placed before a direct object changes to “ve”. The “la” is a direct object referring to the music. “Do” is the first person singular conjugation of the verb “dare” – to give.

This is the kind of phrase that I can read, but if someone said it fast during speaking, would be lost to my ears. Sigh.

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