Saturday, December 29, 2007

Casa Siviero - Florence, Italy

 Casa Siviero - Florence, Italy

Some folks at the Museo Horne told us about this little museum in the Oltrarno, near Piazza Poggi. The Casa Siviero is located in a small palazzo at Lungarno Seristori, 1/3, along the river. There is no entry fee and you’ll probably get a personal guide through the ground floor rooms. It’s best if you can speak and understand Italian. (Again, it was like an hour long conversation class for us.) The other floors of the house are not open to the public but may be in the future (as in years from now).

Who was Rodolfo Siviero (1911-1983)? There is a good biography on the museum’s web site. Briefly, he was an Italian who was sometimes called the “James Bond of the art world” and is celebrated for his work in protecting Italian works of art during the German occupation in World War II, and later recovering Italian works of art after the war. On his death in 1983, he donated his home and his collections to the Tuscany region. (Kind of like Horne and Stibbert. Was Florence a magnet for these bachelors? Or maybe art collecting gets in the way of marriage?)

It’s worth a peek if only to see the inside of one of these palazzos. Be sure to ask the guides lots of questions, they love to talk.

To learn more about this museum and it’s relation to other interesting spots nearby go to its Italian wikipedia page and use the city zone navigator control on the right.

Images of the exterior and interior of Casa Siviero in Florence, Italy.
Casa SivieroCasa SivieroCasa SivieroCasa Siviero - Looking Back To Florence

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