Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sistemi Emotivi

Entering Sistemi Emotivi
Entering Sistemi Emotivi
Today we visited an exhibit called “Sistemi Emotivi” at the Strozzina, which is the underground level of the Palazzo Strozzi. The exhibit runs from 30 November 2007 to 3 February 2008 and features 11 artists whose work highlights the interaction between contemporary art and emotion and reason. We found some of the installations interesting and some not so. One thing that a couple of exhibits referenced was the mirror neuron and how these neurons are activated when you do something and when you see the action done by someone else. Does this explain my weak knees whenever Mark walks next to the edge of cliff, even if I’m 20 yards away from the edge? Here is a Nova video on the subject.

Our favorite exhibits:

William Kentridge’s installation “Weighing…and Wanting, 1997” in which he employs a type of animation where he draws (in charcoal and pastel) a key frame and then erases some elements and adds new ones. The process leads to a kind of dream like sequence because the process of erasing is not perfect and traces are left behind.

Maurice Benayoun’s work which monitored search-engine queries to build a world map showing emotional states.

Christian Nold’s emotion maps of various cities.

Sistemi Emotivi Installations
Sistemi Emotivi InstallationsSistemi Emotivi Installations

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