Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dolcissima – La Pasticceria

As it always seems to happen, we got our coffee and stroll up the street past the jewelry school and run into someone we know and the conversation turns to, you guessed it, food. The two students today (Japanese and Australian) were stunned that we didn’t know about Dolcissima at Via Maggio, 61R (one street east of Santo Spirito) which is literally around the corner. So we scurried over and had a warm pastry with crème and bought some other goodies (for our big adventure today - look for the next post, hopefully). The owner was wonderful and the atmosphere great.

We’ve walked up this street many times but never noticed this shop. Maybe there are too many little finds like this to notice them all? Anyway, it’s that kind of discovery that makes you feel good. Plus, the owner always spoke in Italian when she could have easily slipped into English – I appreciate that. I understand, but don’t like when a shop owner goes to English to simplify the transaction.


  1. I think its just wrong that you are out-blogging your sister.

  2. kind of hard. i spent last year sick and not able to work. now the work is piled up and i need monay, because i am broke. It's not like i can live the life of Riley in Italy for a year like a slouch or something...

  3. Where did that phrase come from?


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