Monday, December 10, 2007

Farmacia – It’s Not a Fungus!

A little athlete’s foot, okay, to the pharmacy. But how does one ask in a pharmacy full of people for the correct product. At first I was talking to one pharmacist and pointing at my feet– she thought I needed a cream because my skin was dry. (You’d think I would have learned enough Italian by now.) Then the other pharmacist came over and his English is pretty good and I was able to communicate the problem. I kept denying I had a fungus though – Mark was shaking his head saying “yes” that’s what you have. Okay, dunce cap for me. Anyway, got a really nice product called Pevaryl 1% crema. Seems to work well and doesn’t smell awful. So far, we’ve been really happy with the basic things you can find in a pharmacy. The particular pharmacy we use is across the street from Piazza Santo Spirito. It’s nice to be recognized when we go in, more than I can say of the Bartells we used in Seattle.

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  1. don't you like, have to be an athlete, to get athlete's foot? all i see you guys do is eat, make stone lemons and visit art museums... doy!


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