Saturday, December 22, 2007

Non M’Annoio

“Non M’Annoio” – or I’m not bored - is the title of a song I really like that I just learned about. (It’s first person, singular conjugation of annoiarsi.) It’s funny because it ties together several threads that were dangling for me:

- Thread 1: Some friends gave us a Neri Per Caso CD with an a capella version of this song (which is really good).
- Thread 2: I was studying the Jovanotti song “Bella” in the “Canta Che Ti Passa” book.
- Thread 3: I learned that Jovanotti wrote the song “Non M’Annoio”. Here is the video (which I’ve watched about 100 times).
- Thread 4: When I read the background of Jovanotti I learned that he was behind the single “Welcome” which was a song that came on the scene in the early 1990s and I never knew who was behind it but I really liked it (okay it was the early 90s).

Threads united.

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