Sunday, December 23, 2007

Panino al Bollito

As we were leaving Casa di Dante, we went through Piazza de Cimatori and stumbled on the sandwich cart pictured above. Just could not resist bollito – boiled beef. Okay, no tripe or lampredotto this time. Bollito is our favorite, with a little sale, pepe, and salsa verde.

These carts seem so disorganized, but in reality the people working them (usually two) are really good. They are fast and remember all the nuances of everyone's order. You can get something to drink as well in the carts: water, soda or wine. You stand around and eat and then go about your business. A trick: when eating a panino stuffed with meat, lean your upper body forward so if anything drips it doesn’t drip down the front of your clothes. We learned the hard way.

See here for a quick background on these carts.

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