Saturday, December 22, 2007

Canta Che Ti Passa

The phrase “canta che ti passa” means sing and it will pass – or basically, don’t be afraid, go ahead and sing. It seems the phrase originated from the World War I. We found the book by this title in the bookstore and bought it. It’s fun because we started studying song lyrics months ago and saw patterns in different songs. For example, one song might use certain verbs, certain tenses, etc. and this book teaches along those lines. Each song is used to teach certain grammar or vocabulary. I can’t say I like all the songs in the book for listening, but they all are instructive. And, the background information that accompanies each song is nice. Each song has a rating of 1 to 3 for linguistic difficulty. In total, there are fifteen songs:

- Ci Vuole un Fiore – Sergio Endrigo
- E Penso a Te – Lucio Battisti
- La Felicità – Paola Turci
- Bella – Jovanotti
- Non È – Luca Carboni
- Mi Piace – Leandro Barsotti
- Porta Portese – Claudio
- La Gatta – Gino Paoli
- Un Raggio di Sole – J0vanotti
- Visto Che Mi Vuoi Lasciare – Rino Gaetano
- Domenica e Lunedì – Angelo Branduardi
- Tu Non Mi Basti Mai – Luca Dalla
- Alla Fiera Dell’Est – Angelo Branduardi
- Sara – Antonello Venditti
- Dotti, Medici e Sapienti – Edoardo Bennato

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