Monday, December 17, 2007

La Bussola D’Oro

We saw the Golden Compass at the Portico Theatre (via del Capo di Mondo, 66). There were 6 people in the theater. It was a nice theater. Not sure if it was late at night (10:45pm) or the movie is doing poorly here (because of the controversy). I wish these do-gooders would be as vocal about violent crime depicted in movies, but apparently that’s okay.

We both have read all three books in the series so we knew the gist of the story, but it was still a little tricky following the dialog (in Italian). We estimate we could about 40% of the dialog. (Sigh). Overall, the movie was okay. It ended abruptly. We heard that the cut the last 15 minutes that they had filmed. Maybe that explains it.

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