Thursday, April 17, 2008

Old and New: Ognissanti Last Supper Meets Transcendental Realism

Adi Da Samraj and Ognissanti Last Supper
By the way, what is transcendental realism? According to the Wikipedia page transcendental realism is an understanding that our minds are limited. (I guess I became a transcendental realist after expecting to master Italian after two months here only to find myself many months later still speaking like a baby.) An exhibit of the artist Adi da Samraj is being hosted in the refectory of Ognissanti until June 22nd 2008. The juxtaposition of the modern art and last supper worked for us. To put the juxtaposition in perspective, the last supper fresco was completed in c. 1480. The art work by Samraj was completed, say in 2006. That’s a different of 520+ years.
Brochure of Adi da Samraj Exhibit in Ognissanti - 1 Brochure of Adi da Samraj Exhibit in Ognissanti - 2

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