Friday, April 11, 2008

Would the Real Leonardo Please Stand

I came across this short TED talk (watch it) on the true face of Leonardo da Vinci by Siegfried Woldhek. It was fascinating to me because it seems so simple, yet elegant. I’m sure there will be some controversy. Basically, Woldhek combed through all the images of Leonard and discarded ones that didn’t fit the bill: not a profile, not male, not detailed enough, and too ugly or was a caricature - because Leonardo was always described as beautiful. What’s more is that Woldhek connects the remaining portraits to a statue of David by Verrocchio that some believe is a model of Leonardo. Leonardo could have been the model because Verrochio was his teacher. Here is Woldhek’s post on the identification. The images he connects are in order:

- Andrea del Verrocchio’s David, started in 1473-5, Leonardo age 13-15
- Portrait of a Musican, created in 1485, Leonardo age 33
- Vitruvian Man, created in 1490, Leonardo age 38
- Self Portrait Sketch, created in 1513, Leonardo age 63

Verrocchio's DavidPortrait of a MusicianVitruvian ManLeonardo Sketch

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  1. Hi there. I stumbled upon your blog when doing a bit of research about the street you live on, via del Canneto. I travel to Florence nearly every summer for a month or two (since 2001) and am actually writing a screenplay that takes place there. In fact, many of its scenes are set on via del canneto.

    I would love to email you about your experience on and knowledge of this street and your apartment. (I've walked along this street many times, ironically last summer, during the time you first seem to have moved in there! Oh, the irony...)

    Would you be interested in talking with me? You can reach me at bobby(AT)

    I would really appreciate the opportunity to talk to you. I really like your blog and am looking forward to reading it all.

    Warm regards,



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