Monday, April 21, 2008

Il Carosello dei Carabinieri - Carabinieri Horse Display

Carabinieri Parade in Piazza delle Signoria Mascot Dog
We were in the Palazzo delle Signoria (last Friday) minding our own business when into the piazza comes a complicated three-part parade of Carabinieri on horses and on foot. First a riding band on white horses showed up. Then a came a group of riders on black horses brandishing sabers. Then another band came on foot. The mayor and several other officials showed up and there was much fanfare. From what we read, the parade was homage to the city and the Florentines and a precursor to a dedication ceremony the next day. Whatever it was, it was fun and is a perfect example of the Florentine’s love of a parade. (There seems to be at least one parade per month.) I liked the guy who played the drums while on the horse. The reins were attaches to his stirrups because obviously his hands were busy. There was a little mascot dog who marched around in his little uniform as well.

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