Thursday, April 3, 2008

San Lorenzo Medici Tombs

San Lorenzo Medici Tombs
The Medici are buried all over the San Lorenzo complex. Unfortunately you can’t buy one ticket and see them all. The church and Old Sacristy are one ticket and the Chapel of the Princes and the New Sacristy are another ticket. You must leave the church and walk around to the Chapel of Princes entrance. The Old Sacristy is Brunelleschi’s doing and the New Sacristy is Michelangelo’s doing (or at least partial doing since he never quite finished). The diagram below was created in, gulp, Powerpoint. I’m experimenting with different ways of presenting the information. I think the information is correct as far as I know. I’m doing this as part of my research for the British Institute course: The Medici: Power and the Art of a Renaissance Dynasty.

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  1. Power in dead people. Art in dead people. Art is dead? or Art is dead people? hhmmmm.... think you're on to something. if you want to be an artist, maybe you need to be dead...


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