Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Music Album Covers with Lips on Them

Composite of 16 album covers featuring lips
A composite image of 16 album covers featuring lips.

Large red, female lips are often used as a visual cue aimed at male viewers to represent sex. Studies have suggested that men and women process visual sexual stimuli differently. Activation in the parts of the brain controlling emotion and motivation is higher in male than females when shown arousing images. It is believed that natural selection spurred the development of different sexual behaviors in males and females. 

The album covers with lips shown in this post span almost forty years. The oldest recording is 1971 (Mystic Moods) and the most recent is 2019 (VanWyck). There are many other albums with lips on them. These covers were chosen for their visual interest by themselves and when put together in the mosaic of album covers shown. The composite image is arranged from oldest to most recent album cover. (See lips2 and lips3 for more images of lips.)

Row 1:
1971 The Mystic Moods Orchestra – "English Muffins"
1976 Wild Cherry – "Wild Cherry"
1982 Hot Chocolate – Hot Chocolate's Hottest Hits
1983 Sammy Hagar – "Three Lock Box"

Row 2:
1987 Yello – "One Second"
1992 PJ Harvey – "Dry"
1996 Holy Barbarians – "Cream"
1997 Nelson – "Silence is Broken"

Row 3:
1999 The Nickel Slots – "White Lies and Cigarettes"
2000 Boney James – "Shake It Up"
2000 Lil' Band of Gold – "Lil' Band of Gold"
2004 Cut Copy – "Bright Like Neon Love"

Row 4:
2004 Dirty Vegas – "One"
2004 Superbus – "Pop'n'Gum"
2016 Cerrone – "Red Lips"
2019 VanWyck – "Molten Rock"

The Mystic Moods Orchestra - English Muffins
Wild Cherry - Wild Cherry
Hot Chocolate - Hot Chocolate's Hottest Hits
Sammy Hagar - Three Lock Box
Yello - One Second
PJ Harvey - Dry
Holy Barbarians - Cream
Nelson - Silence is Broken
The Nickel Slots - White Lies and Cigarettes
Boney James - Shake It Up
Lil' Band of Gold - Lil' Band of Gold
Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love
Dirty Vegas - One
Superbus - Pop'n'Gum
Cerrone - Red Lips
VanWyck - Molten Rock

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