Friday, April 18, 2008

Rosa Dei Venti – Giampaolo Talani

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The free exhibit Rosa dei Venti (Compass Rose) by the Italian artist Giampaolo Talani is in the Sala d’Arme (Weapons Room) of the Palazzo Vecchio. Basically, this is the north (original) entrance of the building. His work is familiar and vague at the same time. The colors and seemingly simple themes are very appealing. Talani is an expert in fresco painting and many of the works on exhibit have the look of a fresco without being one. He produced the very large mural for the Santa Maria Novella train station (Florence’s main station) called Departures. (Travelmarx is ashamed to say that we are not sure we can recall the mural at this moment, but promise to pop in and check it out ASAP.) The Talani show runs from March 7th to April 27th 2008. 10:30 - 6:30 every day.

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