Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dawn of the Renaissance Course

Dawn of the Renaissance Course
I just started the four week course Dawn of the Renaissance at the British Institute in Florence. I have already taken the four week course The High Italian Renaissance and the two week course The Medici: Power and Art of a Renaissance Dynasty. I think there will be some overlap of what I’ve learned already but I will use it to review and go deeper. For every two hours of class or tour, it takes me as long, if not longer, to retype the notes, add images, and add my own interesting tidbits. Along the way, there are thousands of little-side-streets-of-trivia to get lost in. For example, today I was reviewing some notes on the Medici and ended up on the Wikipedia page for Horror vacui. How did that happen? See this post.

Here is a sample program for The High Renaissance course that has past. Note, times and places probably change every time the course is offered (several times a year) so only use this to get an idea of the pacing.

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