Monday, April 21, 2008

Chiostro dello Scalzo

Andrea del Sarto - Baptism of the People c. 1517 Interior of Chiostro del Scalzo

The Chiostro dello Scalzo is a small space that contains a series of monochrome frescoes by Andrea del Sarto. He worked on and off on the frescoes between 1507 and 1526 (except for two). They are interesting because you rarely see monochrome frescoes (at least we haven’t) and it gives an idea of the progression in an artist over twenty years. For reference, Michelangelo entered del Sarto’s studio as an apprentice in 1524.

The cloister is located at Via Cavour, 69 just north of Piazza San Marco. It’s free to get in and is worth a stop if you are in this part of the historical center on a weekday morning. (You can easily combine this with the Cenacolo di Santa Apollonia which is nearby.) The space was used at one time by the Company of the Disciples of St. John the Baptist, nicknamed “dello Scalzo” because they would walk barefoot in processions.

(Excuse the cell phone pictures…)
Outside of Chiostro dello Scalzo

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