Tuesday, February 12, 2008

High Fidelity Record Store

High Fidelity Shop in Napflion
While in Nafplion we stopped this shop twice: High Fidelity. The first time we picked up Pearls Before Swine (One Nation Underground). Okay, just one of us has been lusting after this obscure 1960s album. The second time, we asked the guy to unleash something Greek and interesting at us. He gave us: Taxidoscopio, Sokratis Malamas / Dromoi, and Nana Mouskouri Sings Hadjidakis Vol.2. First, I was amazed Windows Media found these albums and put the songs titles and album metadata in Greek. Sometimes I have so little faith in Windows Media to do the right thing. Second, who is “Hadjidakis”? Well, an important Greek composer, Manas Hadjidakis. Didn’t know that. Hadjidakis won the Academy Award for Best Song (1960) for Never on Sunday from the movie of the same title. So far, I think the Taxidoscopio is the most played of these albums. If you can stand it, here is the song Another Time from Pearls Before Swine.

So if in Nafplion, stop by and visit this record store.
Pearls Before SwineSkoratic MalamasTaxidoscopio

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