Monday, February 4, 2008

Hydra Restaurants

Zefyros Business Card Zefyros Business Card - Back 
We only ate at two restaurants (tavernas – TABEPNA) for dinner while in Hydra: ZEΦYPOS (see business card) and Osteria (sorry lost this business card). Both were hosted by entertaining ladies – full of energy and concern about how we liked our meal. At ZEΦYPOS there are items already made (like casseroles) that you can get or you can ask for something else to be cooked. At Osteria, all items are made to order. AND, the thing we learned is to ask what they have and what’s good. We encountered many times that menus have a lot more on them that they have on hand. There were a number of cafes (different than tavernas in that they don’t really serve a full dinner) open and some other tavernas, but we alternated between these two and were happy (as it seemed that the locals do because we were on the same restaurant schedule with some of them). There is also a little souvlaki place across the street from ZEΦYPOS that we were happy with for lunch.

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