Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Amfitriti Hotel and Pension

Amfitriti Hotel and Pension Amfitriti Hotel and Pension
We stayed at Amfitriti (αμφιτρίτη) during our five nights in Nafplion. Παραδοσιακός ξενώνας – means Paradosiakos Zenonas – which means (going out on a limb here) – a welcoming place for travelers. Zenonas is a traveller. Enough of this picky language stuff - the hotel was great. The owners (2 sisters we think) were helpful and gracious. The breakfast was wonderful and the afternoon coffee and snack very welcome. There is the hotel Amfitriti and the pension Amfitriti nearby. We stayed in the hotel which a few more flights of stairs up the side of the mountain. Regardless of where you stay, climb to the terrace on top of the hotel for a nice view. (The hotel, by the way, is all blue on the outside, you can’t miss it.) I took a look at the rooms in the pension (which were empty for a week of renovations) and they looked nice.

I think the hotel is named after Amphitrite, a sea-goddess. Check out their TripAdvisor profile.

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