Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ancient Epidaurus

Ancient Epidaurus
We took the 11:00am catamaran (Hellenic Seaways) from Hydra to Hermioni. It took about 20 minutes. We picked up our rental car at Pops Rental (we were very satisfied with this rental agency) and headed to Epidaurus.

Epidaurus was a celebrated healing center in Classical times. The demigod Asklepios, the son of Apollo, is closely associated to Epidaurus. An asclepieion is a healing temple. The theater at Epidaurus is one of the best preserved. Usually old theaters disappear as generations pilfer material to build other things. We’ve heard different reasons why the theater of Epidaurus was not pilfered like it was completely buried so no one could get to it and that it was too far away for anyone want to go and get materials from. Who knows? The theater is also known for its spectacular acoustics which of course we had to try.

Overall, we spent about 3 hours. Don’t miss the museum on site as well. (As a rule, you should go to the museum first before seeing a site. It’s better for context when later viewing the ruins. We learned this later.)

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