Friday, February 8, 2008


Lion Gate - Mycenae Tomb of Clytemnestra - Mycenae
Mycenae is an incredible site. The ruins are great, the setting is spectacular, and the museum was excellent. A single ticket gets you into everything including the treasury of Atreus which is down the road just a little bit (you can walk or drive). We spent just under 3 hours seeing everything.

Don’t miss the opportunity to walk into all three tholos tombs:
- tomb of Aegisthus (lost its top)
- tomb of Clytemnestra (intact)
- tomb of the Lions (lost its top)
- treasury of Atreus (intact; at the connected site down the road)

Near the cistern in the main site, there are steps that bring you down to what was a secret well, created by the Mycenae to help withstand a long siege. 99 steps descend through the 'Cyclops' wall. It’s pitch black, so bring a flashlight. Also, there are at least two metal supports holding up the ceiling located dead center of the stairs, so be careful. We made it all the way down and it ends in a dry floor. Perhaps they covered it over for safety.
Mycenae Well Stairs

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