Monday, February 11, 2008

Staying in Delphi

We were a little worried about the trip to Delphi and spending two full days there. We figured one day to visit the archaeological site and one day for a hike. And that’s largely what we did. In all honesty, we probably could have spent a third day exploring some towns and/or taking another hike.

The modern town of Delphi is within 5 minutes walking distance from the archaeological site so it is a logical place to stay. Every guidebook rags on Delphi because it is modern and without “charm”. To tell you the truth I’ve seen older towns that looked worse, more modern and with less charm, so I think people over-emphasize this point. It’s a good base especially if you don’t want to drive. We basically parked the car for the two days. If you want to spend time exploring a town and all its charm, choose the village of Aráhova 11km to the east on the main road.

The only map I could find of the region in local stores is the one shown above. It’s relatively decent if not strangely hard to read. The colors are all funky.
Delphi Area Map

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