Monday, February 11, 2008

Delphi – Hotel Orfeas

Hotel Orfeas Business Card Hotel Orfeas Map

For our three nights in Delphi we stayed at Hotel Orfeas. It was reasonably priced (I think we paid less for all three nights then we did for one meal in Athens), but then again it was fairly no frills. Oh, and there wasn’t very many hotels open it seemed.

We had a good view looking south down to the coast, but, we were the only people in the hotel, so maybe it wasn’t so hard to snag? We reviewed five rooms before we chose the room - something we never do, but for some reason we did it there – we were really scoping out the best beds. 

They never came in to change towels, or make beds. In a way, for three days, we didn’t care. We sleep in sheets and use towels longer than three days. The fact they didn’t change them may indicate that they are used to folks just staying for one night. Delphi is really listed in all guidebooks as a “one-nighter” which I think is a bit unfair. When we checked into our hotel, the guy seemed incredulous that we would stay THREE nights. He kept asking us: "Three nights?" 

The breakfast was okay and attention from the owner Demetrius(?) was nice. He may offer an afternoon Greek coffee and if he doesn’t, ask. One morning, Demetrius was gone and his mother or mother in-law stepped out of a small doorway as I was making my way to the breakfast table. I jumped in surprise (not hard for me to get startled). She laughed and laughed and then tried to explain something to both of us (but concentrating on me since I obviously knew more Greek!?) for 10 minutes and we didn’t understand a damn thing. We left her and a friend sorting lentils and we thought, boy, they must be saying to each other: “what dummies, i tried to talk to them but they are clueless.”

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