Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hydra Hikes

For hiking on Hydra we took inspiration from this link as to what was possible. We found the instructions a bit too detailed but did use them just for overall guidance, following our instincts instead on decisions about what paths to take.

View on Hike 1 - Hydra

Hike 1
. Up to Monastery Profiti Ilia (Μ. ΠΡΟΦ ΗΛΙΑ) – minor hike. This was a late afternoon hike of about 4 hours so we didn’t push beyond the Monastery. It’s a tough little climb but you are awarded with some great views of the harbor. The two monks there have refreshments, but it’s a nice touch to bring a little gift like some sweets. We found the instructions in the “link” above confusing and started from the cemetery and still found our way.

View on Hike 2 - Hydra

Hike 2
. East to Moni Zourva (ΜΟΝΗ ΖΟΥΡΒΑ), though we never visited the monastery. It’s just shy of the east tip of the island. Instead, we went down to the small bay nearby for a swim (okay ½ of us went for a swim). There is something like 650+ steps down and it’s not exactly a beach but you get into the water. As an alternative, you can take a water taxi (25 Euros) there and walk back to town. This roundtrip hike took us 7 hours including a stop for lunch and swimming.

View on Hike 3 - Hydra

Hike 3
. West to near Bisti (ΜΠΙΣΤΙ) where we were pretty close to the end of island. We ended up on a hill at the end of the island with a 300 degree view. There were some ruins there but don’t know the exact name of it. The path was fairly well used so we weren’t breaking new ground. This roundtrip hike took us 8 hours. 

The fourth day on Hydra, we explored more nooks and crannies of the town and went to the Hydra history museum.

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