Thursday, April 17, 2008

Come to My Garden Mr. Glass

I haven’t said anything about music for a while. Of course I’m still listening to music. I can’t go a day without it. I know I should be listening to Italian music more, but I haven’t. Instead I’ve been listening to way too much Minnie Riperton and Philip Glass.

Come to My Garden Front CoverCome to My Garden Inside Image
I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved Minnie Riperton’s first album “Come to My Garden” – every song is like a hidden pleasure. She had a cool, high voice before you know who. The album was released in one of those good years for music, 1969. Take a listen to the track titled “Memory Band”.

For Philip Glass, I’ve been listening to everything I own (which isn’t much, hint, hint), but the “Fog of War” soundtrack (2003) is my favorite for studying and thinking. Take a listen to the track titled “100,000 People”.
Fog of War Soundtrack Front CoverFog of War Back Cover


  1. ok, NOT into Minnie...something 'bout her is wrong. but like philip glass. would make a great song for yoga, first minutes of warm up...

  2. Hi,...good taste in music.
    I've got almost everything ever recorded by Glass (including vinyl)& what's the one piece I can't find in my very unorganized collection? You got it: "The Fog of War" (I do know where the DVD is, but I can't play that on the road, plus I have to actually listen to Rob't McNamera.)
    Now you remind me of how beautiful Phil's soundtrack is--I'll probably start tearing the house apart soon.
    I'm glad you discovered him, though--go for it!