Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Povero Charlie Brown

Povero Charlie Brown! book cover. 

I never really read the Peanuts comic strip (“la striscia”) in English and in fact avoided it. The other day in the Edison bookstore I picked up this book (Povero Charlie Brown or Poor Charlie Brown, #2 in a series) and got hooked on it. 

For some reason, the Peanuts seems funny to me in Italian whereas it didn’t in English. Maybe I wasn’t mature enough to enjoy it all those years ago? 

A sample. Snoopy is watching ants: 
  • Panel 1: Le formiche mi affascinano. 
  • Panel 2: Sono sempre così indaffarate a correre qui e là … 
  • Panel 3: Quanta energia! 
  • Panel 4: Io sarei una pessima formica. 
Now isn’t that funny? 

The word peanut could have been translated into “noccioline” or “personcine” but I guess they decided to leave it as is.


  1. um, do U mind translating? I mean, i have mad skillz and all, but italian isn't one of them. I didn't really notice how much I didn't care for peanutes either until you pointed it out. I mean, peanuts is kind of depressing (except for Snoopy, who was good at escaping the madness in fantasy).

  2. Jeez, WildDingo:

    Panel 1: Ants fascinate me.
    Panel 2: They are always busily going here and there.
    Panel 3: What energy!
    Panel 4: I would be a bad ant.

  3. That's funny. That's exactly how i feel about ants! In fact, I took a whole bunch of ant photos in Mexico.


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