Sunday, January 6, 2008


We popped into this museum today for a look since we’ve passed this building so many times and never looked inside. The bottom of the Orsanmichele is a church that is free to enter (we have seen that before). The top part is a museum that you pay to enter. Entering the museum is a bit confusing because you enter from a building across the street and cross over a stone bridge several stories up. The museum was a bit disappointing. Maybe because all the descriptions were in Italian and we were tired. Maybe because there wasn’t a whole lot to see and dig into to understand the significance of the building. All the original statues from the outside facades (dozen or more) are what are in the museum along with any temporary exhibits. Not a whole lot to give you a feel for the history of the building and the times it was built in. (I expect the museum to do a little something for 4 Euro a head. Give the visitors a story to walk away with.)

Orsanmichele means the “kitchen garden of St. Michael” and after the garden many different things occupied the spot. Today is rather noticeable (at least to my eye) for its very square and fortress-like look.

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