Friday, January 11, 2008

Florence Museum Checklist

There are a number of good sites that list all the museums in Florence. For example, just put “florence museum” into a search engine and enjoy, for example. Being in Italy now, we find it useful to search for keywords in Italian. The same query above would be “firenze museo”, for example. Also, when you are in a cafe or restaurant pick up the little guides that may be lying around. One we've found to be especially useful for the winter season is called “Inverno a Firenze” having a good list of events with descriptions both in English and Italian.

The “APT” or Agenzia per il Turismo di Firenze has an office at Via Cavour 1/r. It's about a “block” (no such thing here) north of the Duomo. Their virtual address is They publish a nice list that isn't easy to find on their web site. The physical sheet of paper is much easier to use (shown above) and can be picked up at that office.

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