Friday, January 11, 2008

Starcase Sandy™

Well she arrived in style, our second papery guest. Starcase Sandy (you must say this as if announcing a contestant in a 1970s game show) is the brainchild of our nieces and nephew. Starcase could be Flat Stanley’s Parisian cousin. She is suave, sophisticated, and ready to go. She knows her Christian Dior from her Christian Lacroix. (She doesn’t do D&G she whispered, "That is so mainstream….") We hope we can show Starcase a good time and entertain her creators.

1 comment:

  1. Paper guests are the only way to go. In fact, at our VicMansion here in Santa Cruz mountains, we only host paper guests. Grocery bills, water bills are all so low and they don't make much noise. What does Starcase Sally think of Paris Hilton? she sure looks like her!


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