Saturday, January 19, 2008

Foresteria Poderi Luigi Einaudi – Dorgliani

The Foresteria Poderi Luigi Einaudi is where we stayed for 8 days on our Piemonte trip. First, the name. The word “foresteria” is a term for a place that provides lodging – a “forestiero” is someone who comes from afar. The word “poderi” translates to “cultivated lands”. And, Luigi Einaudi was the first president of the Italian Republic between 1948-1955. (In Italian politics, the prime minister is really more important.)

foresteria: complesso di locali destinati all’allogio di ospiti e forestieri
forestiero (pl. forestieri): che, chi proviene da fouri, non è del luogo
podere (pl. poderi) : terreno agricolo coltivato

The hotel is located south of the town of Dogliani on a hill in a nice position. For most of the time, it was just us, I guess you can say, very low season. While not apparent from the outside or even to guests in the hotel is the fact that underneath the buildings is a complete wine making facility which you can a tour.

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