Sunday, January 20, 2008

La Dimora del Contadino – Mondovì

We went here for a big Sunday midday meal with Mark’s family (there were about 20 of us). It was very good. It’s the kind of place I don’t think we would have found on our own or would be listed in guide books. It is located near Mondovì and is an agriturismo.

Let me just say that Piemonte is a cuisine of appetizers. We had something like 8+ antipasti served from big platters as waiters made the rounds. (You could say no, but why not try a little?) After that, I could just barely sample a pasta and meat dish (of which there were several). Then the cheese and desert and fruit and espresso and tiny pastries and...

A couple of things commonly served in Piemonte in winter include carne cruda (like steak tartar but better), a Russian salad (a cold cabbage and vegetable salad with mayonnaise), and vitello tonnato (thin slices of veal served with a tuna, caper aioli). Also, you will see a lot of tajarin which is a typical pasta served here which is very thinly cut. During our eight day stay we rarely saw the tomatoes or spinach or other greens typical of Tuscany.


  1. I like the "piemontese" food and I think that this agriturismo is very good, I like very much the appatizers, so I think this restaurant do it for me.

  2. We had a great time and meal there. Would love to go back if we are back in the area visiting - which I suspect we will be.

  3. We did go back recently for a huge family meal. It was great.


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