Friday, October 26, 2007

UniCredit Banca

We finished getting an account today. It took all week. Since we are in class until 3:10 every day and the bank closes at 4:30 it was a challenge. Monday, we ran over and it was closed. Tuesday, we ran over and they were having an employee meeting and locked the doors so we couldn’t get in. Thursday, we got there and got half the paperwork done before they had to go home. Friday, we finished it up. Persistence wins the day.

Why UniCredit Banca? Because we got strong recommendations for it from several Italian folks. In Florence, the branch we applied at was Via dei Vecchietti 11 in centro. It is just north of the the Palazzo Strozzi. Charges will be 23 Euros (8 of this is a state tax) every 3 months for a debit card/checking account. There is also an international wire fee of 2 Euros for every 1000 transferred. As long as you use ATMs (bancomats) that are part of the UniCredit Banca family there is no ATM fee. There is no fee for using the card for bancomat (debit card) purchases, say at a restaurant or market.

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  1. wow. its just like the here in america? who'd a thunk it? ;)


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