Saturday, October 20, 2007

La Notte Se N’è Andata

There is a cabinet on the wall in our combination dining room/living room that has two glass doors. In one of the doors there has been this piece of paper (with writing on it) wedged into the upper corner ever since we moved in. Tonight, after several weeks, I got sick of looking at it and took it down to look at. It’s a lyric from a song! The artist is Vinicio Capossela, the album is “Il Ballo di San Vito”, the song is “La Notte Se N’è Andata” and the lyric is “La notte se n’è andata come una fucilata…”. What does it mean?? I think it means that the night it comes like a gun shot,but will have to check with someone on this one. I’m not superstitious but I’m going to leave the piece of paper there, but I’ll put some meta-data on the back for the next person.

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