Monday, October 22, 2007

Cold Spell in Florence

Yes, there is a bit of cold spell here (low 50s in the day, 40s at night) but jeez is it ever the topic of conversation. More scarves and jackets have come out of the closet than you can believe. It’s suppose to warm up again as this is unseasonably cold. We received the drawing in email (above), a sort of long distance heckling from a certain architect we know.

We turned on our apartment’s heating system. It’s a gas boiler, type: Beretta Caldaie. It is located in the attic space above the bathroom and it provides warm water for everything. There is no reservoir in the unit. The nice thing about the boiler on is that now we have one big radiator in the upstairs room and we can put several things on it to dry quickly. What my thinking has come to: should I put the socks or the underwear on the radiator?

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