Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mosaico Fiorentino in Pietra Dura Naturale

I’m trying to decide what kind of “Corsi pratici in studi di artisti e laboratori artigiani” (practical courses in artist studios and artisan workshops) I want to take for four weeks. Part of the process is visiting the studio/workshop of the craft you are interested in. So today, we (Mark couldn’t resist) went to visit a maestro of Florentine Mosaics which is a style that is specific to Florence. The maestro talked to us for about an hour. It was fascinating. By the end, Mark wanted to do it! Anyone who takes the course will definitely start with a simple design, not a complicated landscape of Florence. If you look carefully at the examples in the above link, each color is a different stone perfectly honed and fit into place.

Here are the course options (offered through Centro Machiavelli). Thursday we are going to visit a Florentine marbled paper (carta marmorizzata) studio. Those are the two choices for me: peitra or carta.

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