Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Codice Fiscale Card Arrives

When original codice fiscale card arrived

It came pretty quickly. I got mine but the half of Travelmarx is still waiting for his. Included a picture of the card.

2021-07-23 Update:  Now that we've lived in a Italy for a bit, we realize how important and requested our codice fiscale is for fiscal and administrative transactions. The codice fiscale is not like a social security number, which we guard in the US. Anyone could guess your codice fiscale.

I had two numbers for a while because in one application, I used my middle name and the other case I didn't which led to two codes.

To see what your codice fiscale is in case you forgot, you can use this codice fiscale generator.

As an example, using the following data:

John Smith

"John Smith" Codice Fiscale example

gives the following codiceSMTJHN70C03Z404T.

Tweaking the data to use a middle name, for example:

John Harold Smith

"John Harold Smith" Codice Fiscale example

gives the following codiceSMTJNH70C03Z404Q. This one differs only in the last letter.

What's more: you don't really need a codice fiscale "card" with the number on it. You just need the number. The codice fiscale appears on your Italian carta d'identità and your tessera sanitaria. In most of our transactions where the codice fiscale is needed, we show one of these cards.


  1. codice fiscale card,Ho bisogno di carta plastica.come fare qusta????

  2. This was long ago when they still had cards. Now the codice fiscale is integrated with your identity card and tessera sanitaria. You can go here http://www.codicefiscaleonline.com/ to generate your number and print something out if you want.


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